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Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop

Volume 3, 2005
ISSN 1834-7037

Timothy Baldwin (University of Melbourne)
James Curran (University of Sydney)
Menno van Zaanen (Macquarie University)

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pdf ps bib Front matter
pdf ps bib Dimensions of Deep Grammar Validation
Dan Flickinger
pp. 1–3
pdf ps bib Text Summarization: News and Beyond
Kathy McKeown
pp. 4–4
pdf ps bib From Non-segmenting Language Processing to Web Language Engineering
Virach Sornlertlamvanich
pp. 5–6
pdf ps bib Disambiguating Conjunctions in Named Entities
Pawel Mazur and Robert Dale
pp. 7–14
pdf ps bib Learning of Graph Rules for Question Answering
Diego Molla and Menno van Zaanen
pp. 15–23
pdf ps bib A Statistical Approach towards Unknown Word Type Prediction for Deep Grammars
Yi Zhang and Valia Kordoni
pp. 24–31
pdf ps bib Tagging Unknown Words with Raw Text Features
David Vadas and James R. Curran
pp. 32–39
pdf ps bib POS Tagging with a More Informative Tagset
Andrew MacKinlay and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 40–48
pdf ps bib Augmenting Approximate Similarity Searching with Lexical Information
James Gorman and James R. Curran
pp. 49–56
pdf ps bib Word Prediction in a Running Text: A Statistical Language Modeling for the Persian Language
Masood Ghayoomi and Seyyed Mostafa Assi
pp. 57–63
pdf ps bib Using Diverse Information Sources to Retrieve Samples of Low Density Languages
Andrew MacKinlay
pp. 64–70
pdf ps bib Faking it: Synthetic Text-to-speech Synthesis for Under-resourced Languages – Experimental Design
Harold Somers
pp. 71–77
pdf ps bib Dual-Type Automatic Speech Recogniser Designs for Spoken Dialogue Systems
Jason Littlefield and Michael Broughton
pp. 78–86
pdf ps bib Efficient Knowledge Acquisition for Extracting Temporal Relations
Son Bao Pham and Achim Hoffmann
pp. 87–95
pdf ps bib Formal Grammars for Linguistic Treebank Queries
Mark Dras and Steve Cassidy
pp. 96–104
pdf ps bib Extracting Exact Answers using a Meta Question Answering System
Luiz Augusto Pizzato and Diego Molla
pp. 105–112
pdf ps bib Multimedia Presentation of Grammatical Description: Design Issues
Simon Musgrave
pp. 113–119
pdf ps bib Structuring Documents Efficiently
Robert Marshall, Steven Bird and Peter Stuckey
pp. 120–126
pdf ps bib Round-trip Translation: What Is It Good For?
Harold Somers
pp. 127–133
pdf ps bib Evaluating the Utility of Appraisal Hierarchies as a Method for Sentiment Classification
Jeremy Fletcher and Jon Patrick
pp. 134–142
pdf ps bib Efficient Grapheme-phoneme Alignment for Japanese
Lars Yencken and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 143–151
pdf ps bib Statistical Interpretation of Compound Nominalisations
Jeremy Nicholson and Timothy Baldwin
pp. 152–159
pdf ps bib Paraphrase Identification by Text Canonicalization
Yitao Zhang and Jon Patrick
pp. 160–166
pdf ps bib Words and Word Usage: Newspaper Text versus the Web
Vinci Liu and James R. Curran
pp. 167–175
pdf ps bib Automatic Induction of a POS Tagset for Italian
Raffaella Bernardi, Andrea Bolognesi, Corrado Seidenari and Fabio Tamburini
pp. 176–183
pdf ps bib A Dual-Iterative Method for Concept-Word Acquisition from Large-Scale Chinese Corpora
Guogang Tian and Cungen Cao
pp. 184–190
pdf ps bib Programming With Unrestricted Natural Language
David Vadas and James R. Curran
pp. 191–199
pdf ps bib Identifying FrameNet Frames for Verbs from a Real-Text Corpus
Matthew Honnibal and Tobias Hawker
pp. 200–206
pdf ps bib A Distributed Architecture for Interactive Parse Annotation
Baden Hughes, James Haggerty, Joel Nothman, Saritha Manickam and James R. Curran
pp. 207–214
pdf ps bib Multi-document Summarisation and the PASCAL Textual Entailment Challenge
Nicola Stokes and Eamonn Newman
pp. 215–223
pdf ps bib Design and Development of a Speech-driven Control for a In-car Personal Navigation System
Ying Su, Tao Bai and Catherine I. Watson
pp. 224–232
pdf ps bib Combining Confidence Scores with Contextual Features for Robust Multi-Device Dialogue
Lawrence Cavedon, Matthew Purver and Florin Ratiu
pp. 233–240
pdf ps bib Automatic Utterance Segmentation in Instant Messaging Dialogue
Edward Ivanovic
pp. 241–249

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Menno van Zaanen (Macquarie University -- co-chair)